K1 Filter Cartridge Replacement

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Kinetico’s lead/VOC/MTBE cartridge (Part No. 9308A) is designed for the reduction of taste, odor, aesthetic chlorine, lead, MTBE and volatile organic compounds in Kinetico K1 Filter. 


  • 1 micron carbon block.
  • Cartridge for use with AquaGuard drinking water filter only


  • Your Kinetico Drinking Water Filter is equipped with a special filter monitoring device called MACguard. MACguard (the “MAC” stands for Metered Automatic Cartridge) offers you ultimate protection by measuring the volume of water the unit has filtered and initiating a shutdown* after 500 gallons (1900 liters), about a year’s worth of drinking water for an average family of four. Without MACguard, filters can be overused and lose their filtration ability. MACguard ensures you and your family will get only the best water.
  • Changing your filter cartridge is quick and easy.
  • High quality, filtered water for drinking and food preparation.

Compatible Water System:

Is compatible with Kinetico K1 Filter.  

Package include:   1 x K1 Filter Replacement 

Dimensions: 150 x 394 x483 mm


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